Data used in Introductory Statistics for the Health Sciences

Would you like to perform the analyses shown in our book?  Dr. William Howard Beasley has created a publicly accessible repository on GitHub for the data and graphs in the book.  The data sets are from studies involving exercise during pregnancy, tai chi for people with fibromyalgia, and other real research projects and data sources. 

The data sets are provided in three formats:  comma-delimited text (.csv), SAS, and SPSS.  Each data set has its own README file on GitHub to explain everything about the variables and data sources.  Eight of the data sets contain real data, and two data sets were fabricated.  Fabricated data should be used only for the purpose of teaching and learning statistics.

Please download this document containing the instructions and links for accessing the data and README files on GitHub.  If you already are familiar with GitHub, you may find the data in a folder called Data here.

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