Introductory Statistics for the Health Sciences:  Electronic flashcards

Studying a foreign language requires some memorization.  Statistics may seem like a foreign language -- in fact, it has been called the language of quantitative research, and we believe  the most successful students make a point of mastering the terminology.  We want to help you to learn, so we have created free electronic flashcards, which can be used online or on iOS and Android devices. 

The flashcards break down information into smaller chunks and allow you to quiz yourself whenever you have a few minutes to study.  After a vocabulary term has been learned, it can be set aside, which narrows your focus to the information yet to be learned.  Below you will find information about three websites and apps; perhaps you already are using one of them for other classes.  Quizlet and StudyBlue appear to work on all platforms; StudyDroid can be used online, and its simple Android app is one of our favorites.    

Quizlet:  Users of iOS or Android devices can download the Quizlet app,  then search for desheaflashcards.  This website and app even can read the cards aloud in a computer-generated voice.  (You may have to force a shut-down of the app so that it doesn't continue to run in the background.  It's a little disconcerting to have your phone suddenly announce, "Scientific structured problem solving!")  Internet users may sign up here

StudyBlue:  Users of iOS or Android devices can download the StudyBlue app; you may need to search for the desheaflashcards under the class number Nursing 6123 at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.  Internet users may sign up here

StudyDroid:  Internet and Android users may sign up here.  Find the file desheaflashcards, and add it to "My Packs."  Android users then will install the studydroid app, and the flashcards automatically will be downloaded.   

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