The amazing artwork in Introductory Statistics for the Health Sciences

Gary Simpson is an artist who has created a series of frescoes that "depict the state of the world through statistics."  We are grateful that he has given permission for photos of several of his works to appear in our book and on the book's cover.  Many of the works belong to the Disparity series, which is part of a larger art project called  As Mr. Simpson describes it:

"The series embraces the dichotomy of static numbers versus the randomness of my technique.  A collage of numbers and names of countries printed on strips of paper, brass and copper bars, slats of wood in varying lengths along with found objects such as shredded currency all tell a story in a 3-dimensional way.  I hope to capture the spirit of 'cognitive art' as described by Philip Morrison in Edward Tufte's book Envisioning Information.  As with much of our observations:  there is always more to see and learn for the vigilant, if time is taken."

See more of Mr. Simpson's work at   Be sure to read the story of the soil samples that he has collected from countries around the world and incorporated in his art.

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